Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectra (FORS) of Pictorial Materials in the 270-1700 nm range
The contribution of the following people has made the database possible
Coordination Alfredo Aldrovandi
Andrea Casini
Marcello Picollo
Bruno Radicati
Sample preparation Maria Luisa Altamura
Maria Teresa Cianfanelli
Patrizia Riitano
PHP coding Alessandro Agostini
Daniele Andreuccetti
Measurements Andrea Cagnini
Monica Galeotti
Marcello Picollo
Web design Lorenzo Stefani


This work was financially supported in part by the Progetto Finalizzato "Beni Culturali" of the National Research Council of Italy. The authors wish to thank Dr. Marco Ciatti (OPD, Firenze) and Dr. Mauro Bacci (IFAC, Firenze) for their helpful suggestions and discussions. Special thanks go to Helen Spande for her assistance with the language.

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